Who doesn’t love a good chicken wing? Or 12. No one. That’s who!

Chicken wings serve as appetizers, full meals, and are the ultimate Super Bowl party food.

With so many ways to prepare them (oil fried, baked, air fried, grilled), there truly is a chicken wing recipe for everyone.

My inspiration for this chicken wing recipe roundup came when I stumbled on to a copycat recipe from Good Food Tutor for my favorite restaurant wings—the Asian wings from The Piper Inn in Denver, Colorado. The Piper Inn is a local biker bar that just happens to offer some of the most delicious food and friendly service in our neck of the woods. If you’re ever in Denver, head over to the Piper for some wings. The Asian wings are divine, but their Buffalo wings are delicious as well. If you’re not in the mood for wings when you get there, grab a burger. You won’t be disappointed.

Giant thanks go out to Good Food Tutor for taking the time and making the effort to duplicate the recipe for these much-craved wings. They’ve earned the Made to Impress spot in our roundup. More on that later.

Two of our three wing options are copycat recipes. When something is your favorite, why not try to make it at home?

Chicken Wing Trio

Simple to Make — Peri-Peri Chicken Wings

Source: My Gorgeous Kitchen

Daniela at My Gorgeous Recipes deserves all the credit for taking the time to recreate one of her favorite dishes from Nando’s, a Peri-Peri chicken restaurant with locations throughout Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and Illinois.

What is Peri-Peri? According to Nando’s, Peri-Peri is a pepper known as the African Bird’s Eye chili. It’s grown mainly in Mozambique and is the basis for everything they make at Nando’s.

While I personally haven’t been to Nando’s or tried the original wings, the combination of ingredients made this a must-try recipe. And I wasn’t disappointed.

For those looking for an alternative to fried wings, these Peri-Peri wings still offer that crispy goodness you expect from a fried wing, just without the regret.

Peri-Peri Chicken Wings

Six Things to know about the Peri-Peri Chicken Wing recipe:

  • Plan ahead—the wings need to be marinated for at least an hour prior to cooking. You can marinate them overnight to intensify the flavor.
  • Be sure to pat the wings dry before you add the marinade. The marinade will adhere better to a dry wing.
  • Be sure to look at the correct temperature when reading this recipe. The default temperature listed is Celsius (with the Fahrenheit equivalent in parentheses).
  • Follow the directions to start the wings low and slow. You’ll start the chicken cooking at the lower temperature then crank your oven up to 425° to crisp up the skin.
  • Use your favorite hot sauce (who doesn’t have one of those?). It will give you that flavor you know and love. I used Tabasco but also love Louisiana hot sauce.
  • If you want a super fast version of this, you can purchase Nando’s Peri Peri sauce at most major grocery stores.

Easy to Elevate– Peach Glazed Chipotle Honey Sticky Wings

Source: Whisk It Real Gud

My daughter likes to tell me that she won’t like what I’m making before she ever tries it. Luckily, with the Peach Glazed Chipotle Honey Sticky Wings from Whisk It Real Gud, she had to eat her words right along with her chicken wings!

I selected this recipe because I was looking for an out-of-the-ordinary flavor that might stand out in the crowded wing world. Peach, chipotle, and honey in what is touted as a sticky wing met that criteria.

These ooey-gooey, messy-but-worth-it wings stood out for their deep caramel color and smooth combination of sweet and spicy.

Six things to know about the Peach Glazed Chipotle Honey Sticky Wings recipe:

  • The recipe calls for you to use a deep fryer or large frying pan. I don’t own a deep fryer (who does?), so I used a 6” deep stock pot to fry the wings.
  • I had to cook my wings in batches due to the size of my stock pot. If you need to cook your wings in batches, be sure you allow your oil to come back up to 300° between batches to ensure the wings cook correctly.
  • Place the cooked wings on a wire rack or on paper towels to allow any excess oil to drain. The peach chipotle honey sauce will stick much better so don’t skip this step.
  • I fried my wings for closer to 15 minutes as I wanted them extra crispy. If you do add time, just be sure you’re not overcooking the chicken.
  • The total time listed for this recipe is 25 minutes. Unfortunately, it took me almost an hour to finish cooking the wings in batches, so be prepared to spend a little more time on this.
  • Get the wet wipes ready. These wings truly deliver on the sticky goodness!

If you’re looking for a unique take on chicken wings, try the Peach Glazed Chipotle Honey Sticky Wings!

Made to Impress — Spicy Asian Wings (Piper Inn Copycat)

Source: Good Food Tutor

I don’t get to the Piper Inn enough to sooth my craving for their Asian wings, so when I happened upon this copycat Spicy Asian Wings recipe from Good Food Tutor, I assumed it was too good to be true. Boy, was I wrong! These are as close as you can get to the original.

My family was also highly skeptical about the possibility of these wings living up to expectations. They were also wrong.

Spicy Asian Wings (Piper Inn Copycat)

Five things to know about the Spicy Asian Wings recipe:

  • I had to cook my wings in batches for two reasons: I was making a larger quantity of these because they are our favorite wings and the pot I used only held about five wings at a time.
  • Having a familiarity with the original wings, I would reduce the amount of brown sugar to 2 Tbps next time. This is a personal preference. I strongly suggest making the recipe according to the directions and then playing with it if you find it a bit too sweet.
  • One other minor adjustment, again based on personal preference: I would just slightly sauté the onions and then remove them and set them aside before adding the remaining sauce ingredients to the pan and bringing it to a boil. I like my onions with a crunch, so I would add them back in at the end after the wings baked in the oven for 15 minutes.
  • Be sure to let the cooked wings drain on a paper towel or wire rack. The sauce will stick much better if the excess oil is removed.
  • Plan to make these on a regular basis. They’re that good!

The Spicy Asian Wings require multiple steps and more time to make than the other two wing recipes. To me, those extra steps are worth it as these wings will impress the hell out of my Denver friends!