Great questions!

Your Mood Your Food is for home cooks like you who want to escape your recipe rut, and expand and elevate your go-to everyday and entertaining menus.

How do you get out of your recipe rut???

A lot of us are in a recipe rut because we’re too tired to find new recipes, afraid they will be harder or take longer than they say, or worried they won’t taste good. Sometimes it’s a combination of all three of these things.

With Your Mood Your Food, we take the worry out of trying new recipes.

You no longer need to spend time searching for new recipe ideas or wondering if they will turn out well.

We curate and test recipes for you and categorize them as Simple to Make, Easy to Elevate, and Made to Impress so you can pick a recipe to match your mood and motivation level.

We also uncover the unwritten ins and outs you need to know about each recipe to save you time and frustration.

Each post contains a bullet list of “Things to know” about the recipe(s) including recipe scalability, prep time variation, ease or difficulty of recipe steps, substitution options, and other things to help you decide which recipes to try.

So…where are the recipes?

The recipes we spotlight belong to the chefs/bloggers who created them, so they aren’t ours to post on our site.

These chefs/bloggers have put countless hours into developing and testing their recipes and the majority request other bloggers not to post their actual recipes on their own website.

We fully support their request.

Our posts always contain multiple links to the original blogger’s recipe. Just click the link and you’ll find the recipe.

In addition, the original recipe post typically contains additional information pertaining to the recipe, appropriate substitutions, nutritional information, tips and tricks, as well as additional photos that may be of use to home cooks.

A large part of what we are trying to do is to amplify the great work chefs/bloggers are doing and we don’t want to diminish the time and effort they’ve put into their work.