And now…in the “what coffee-infused goodie can I pair with my coffee” category, we find biscotti!

Biscotti are an Italian twice-baked cookie/pastry/biscuit. Crisp and dry, they’re perfect for dipping in my beloved coffee (or tea if that’s your thing).

Personally, I say they’re a pastry in the morning; a biscuit in the afternoon; and a cookie in the evening.

Whenever you reach for your biscotti, they’re the perfect two- to three-bite delight.

And, the best part is that biscotti are Simple to Make, Easy to Elevate, AND Made to Impress.

Vanilla Mocha Biscotti

Are you a home cook who is afraid of making biscotti?

I’ve met a few people who think this is a difficult and time consuming thing.

Trust me. It’s not.

Biscotti are extremely Simple to Make and offer so many variations to suit your mood.

We’re focusing on vanilla mocha in this post to go with our January coffee obsession, but the biscotti variations are endless.

Want to add slivered almonds for a richer almond flavor? Go ahead.

In the mood for chocolate? That’s never frowned upon.

Love that licoricey anise flavor found in the other Italian cookie–pizzelles? Drop some anise seeds into your dough.

Nuts for nuts? Add some walnuts or pistachios for an added crunch.

Looking for a holiday biscotti? Make yours cranberry/orange.

So, once you get your basic biscotti dough down, you can have a bit of fun with it.

Be sure to drop us a photo and a comment and let us know what you created.

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Simple to Make−Vanilla Mocha Biscotti

Get the recipe from: Savory Experiments

I was up early one Saturday and had a bit of time before I headed to Pilates, so what did I do?

Made biscotti!

That’s right. Sort of a spur-of-the-moment decision to whip up these delectable bites.

That’s the thing with biscotti. For not a big time commitment, you get a big payoff. One batch of biscotti yields around 30 individual treats (depending how you slice them).

If you’re thinking 30 biscotti is a lot, you can freeze a portion of your dough, your half-baked dough or baked biscotti for up to 3 months.

So, what’s stopping you from making some biscotti?

Four things to know about the Vanilla Mocha Biscotti recipe:

  • I made this recipe in about an hour and a half. The recipe states one hour total time (15 minutes prep and 45 minutes baking time), but the instructions tell you the first bake is 30 minutes followed by letting the biscotti rest for 15-20 minutes, then a 15 minute second bake. That adds up to an hour without the prep time. I like my biscotti on the brown side, so I gave them an extra 10 minutes baking which brought my total time closer to an hour and a half.
  • To get your dough into two loaves, form a ball, press down on the top of the ball then press in on the sides. My “loaves” didn’t turn out exactly equally sized, but the end product is still delicious. If you can, make your loaves as equal in size as possible.
  • During the second bake, don’t forget to flip the sliced biscotti. If you don’t flip them, you run the risk of burning the side touching the baking sheet. No one wants burned biscotti.
  • I used a Starbucks vanilla pod for my vanilla coffee. For me, this didn’t offer as assertive of a coffee flavor as I was looking for. Next time, I will likely brew my own vanilla coffee in a French press using a strong Illy Coffee and vanilla extract.