It’s Monday, and I’m making a Juicy Vanilla Pear Margarita!

This has become a semi-regular event lately.

But why Mondays for margaritas?

I keep a stack of margarita ideas that I eventually plan to share here on my blog, but I’m only one person and have realized that one or two margaritas a month is about all I can manage to make let alone taste test.

But it’s a pretty big stack of ideas, so I’m finally trying to put them on the calendar.

So…Mondays it is!

Mondays also work well because I want something Simple to Make that I can share with you so that you have something Simple to Make later in the week.

That seems to be my Monday Mood lately.

Something simple.

Something delicious.

Something shareable.

And I always let my mood choose the margarita I’m making.

This Monday I was in the mood for something smooth and sweet.

Cue the Juicy Vanilla Pear Margarita from Best Friends for Frosting.

Simple to Make−Juicy Vanilla Pear Margarita

Get the recipe from: Best Friends for Frosting

I love pears. While their mild sweetness rewards you on its own, they also pair well with savory and sweet flavors.

Pears work well with onions, blue cheese, prosciutto, and much more in salads and appetizers. They work remarkably well with chicken and pork in main courses. And pears are limitless in desserts.

But what about cocktails?

Actually, they’re perfect for cocktails! They play well with ingredients from all seasons even though they may not be the first ingredient you think about when you think cocktails.

But this is where we have the fun!

Juicy Vanilla Pear Margarita ingredients.

Four things to know about the Juicy Vanilla Pear Margarita recipe:

  • This cocktail comes together very quickly and can easily be doubled. You’ll only be able to fit two drinks into a cocktail shaker, so if you want more than that, you’ll need to make them in batches. I wouldn’t recommend making a bigger batch in a pitcher because I think you need to shake it to integrate both the vanilla and the honey. Stirring probably won’t accomplish the same effect.
  • I let the vanilla steep in the cocktail shaker for 10 minutes to intensify the vanilla flavor. Just an option if you want a more vanilla-forward taste.
  • Pear juice was scarce at my grocery store so I made a special trip to Sprouts for this cocktail. I really think this was just one of those pandemic casualties that pear juice wasn’t available at my normal store. I know I’ve seen it and purchased it there before.
  • Don’t skip the cinnamon sugar rim! The margarita still tastes great without the cinnamon sugar rim, but the combination does add a lovely warm sweetness to the cocktail. You won’t want to miss that.

So, what was the verdict on the Juicy Vanilla Pear Margarita?

My daughter had several thoughts.

First, she said, “That’s good. It tastes like applesauce.” I can see how she said that but I definitely tasted more pear than applesauce.

She also said, “It’s one of the best (margaritas) you’ve made.”

What do you think? Does it make your Top 5 list?

Juicy Vanilla Pear Margarita