In case it isn’t obvious, I love coffee. It’s not a like situation. It’s a full-blown, flat-out, crave it every day obsession.

And I’m always trying to find ways to freshen up my home coffee game.

Simple and delicious ways.

Inexpensive ways.

Don’t get me wrong. I love a coffee-house coffee. But I don’t want to pay for that every day.

Because I can make coffee at home and coffee made at home can and should be delicious.

So, if you’re stuck in a coffee rut or are stopping at your favorite coffee house every day, why not try making your own (fancy) coffee at home?

Scroll down for our insights on the Decadent Iced Coffee with Cream Froth.

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Simple to Make−Decadent Iced Coffee with Cream Froth

Source: Coffee at Three

It takes as few as one or two extra ingredients, one extra step, and a few additional minutes. That’s how simple it is to elevate your morning cup of coffee.

And, many times, you can do it with staple ingredients and standard equipment you have on hand.

So, why not step just a bit out of your comfort zone and try a variation on your daily jolt?

This Decadent Iced Coffee with Cream Froth is truly one of the simplest ways to change your morning for the better.

Four things to know about the Decadent Iced Coffee with Cream Froth recipe:

  • This coffee recipe is one of the simplest and quickest ways to elevate your coffee game. On busy mornings, I tend to just dump some cream into my coffee. But making this cream froth is a welcome change from the everyday and lightens up your morning cup of coffee.
  • This recipe calls for a milk frother, but the secret is you can make it without one. I don’t own a milk frother and I’m guessing most people don’t either. That’s ok. You can still make the cream froth using a mason jar and some vigorous shaking, using a hand or immersion blender, or using a French Press. I opted to use a hand blender to make my froth. If you don’t own a milk frother, Ree Drummond shows you eight different ways to froth milk for your coffee.
I used a hand blender to froth the milk.
  • As written, this is a lightly sweet coffee, but you could up the sugar if you need more sweetness. I’m not a fan of sweetened coffee, but many people are. So, if you want it a bit sweeter, go for it.
  • Don’t skip the salt. I know it might sound odd to put salt in your coffee, but it works. It’s only 1/4 teaspoon, but it truly makes a difference.

Drop us a comment and a photo if you brew up this iced coffee!

Decadent Iced Coffee with Cream Froth