It’s Monday, and I’m making a Blueberry Lime Frozen Margarita!

Normally I’m searching for margaritas with more unique ingredients and flavor profiles, but something about a Blueberry Lime Frozen Margarita just sounded perfect.

So, into the kitchen I went.

Traditional margaritas consist of tequila, an orange liqueur (Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Triple Sec), and lime juice served in a salt-rimmed glass.

But the great thing about margaritas is this classic recipe allows for endless flavor variations.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, there’s a margarita out there for you.

Keep reading to see how this Blueberry Lime Frozen Margarita ticked all the boxes.

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Simple to Make−Blueberry Lime Frozen Margarita

Get the recipe from: May I Have That Recipe

To be honest, I didn’t fully read this recipe before I gathered everything up to make this margarita or I would have noticed the rum that is clearly specified in the ingredients list.

Normally I keep my mixing of alcohols to a hard alcohol and a liqueur, not two hard spirits in one drink.

So…when I finally attentively read the ingredient list, I stopped cold when it mentioned adding rum to the margarita.

Had I gotten in over my head? I’m not a huge fan of rum, but I had gathered all the other ingredients…

Guess it was time to buck up and just try it.

Keep reading for my insights and thoughts on how the margarita turned out.

Blueberry Lime Frozen Margarita ingredients

Five things to know about the Blueberry Lime Frozen Margarita recipe:

  • This cocktail is a pantry pull for me except for the orange. Weird, right? I feel like most normal people have oranges in their house on a regular basis, but I’ve never been much of a fan. Even more weirdly, I usually always have frozen blueberries.
  • The orange juice replaces the Cointreau or Triple Sec usually found in a margarita. I’ll take Triple Sec over Cointreau every day, but it had never occurred to me to substitute freshly squeezed orange juice. Brilliant! Just as in baking, I’ll always prefer a zest to an extract, from now on I’ll prefer freshly squeezed OJ over Triple Sec.
  • Yes, the blueberries MUST be frozen. Here’s the thing. You’re making a frozen margarita. By using frozen blueberries, you’re using their frozen-ness as a substitute for some of the ice you’d otherwise need to freeze the drink. Less ice = less dilution = more intense blueberry flavor.
  • Don’t have any agave? Don’t worry. You can substitute honey or simple syrup for the agave. If you want to be bold, substitute maple syrup. Think blueberry pancakes with maple syrup. In fact, next time I make this, I think I’ll use maple syrup just to test that theory.
  • As I mentioned, I was very wary of adding rum to this margarita, but it works! In fact, it works really, really well. Plus it’s only 2 Tbsp for this 2-drink recipe.

So, what was the verdict on the Blueberry Lime Frozen Margarita?

De-licious! It was full-bodied (thanks to those frozen blueberries) and wow, was it smooth. Maybe it was the rum! I also loved the extra acid from the freshly squeezed orange juice. Yum!

What do you think? Does it make your Top 5 list?

Isn’t she pretty?.