Sweet potatoes are a great food to experiment with and these Charred Sweet Potatoes with Hot Honey Butter and Lime offer a complex flavor profile. You taste a little bit of spice, a little bit of sweet, and get a much needed crunch from the pumpkin seeds.

While the sweet potatoes take a bit of time to bake, the recipe is very Simple to Make and comes together quickly.

So, if you’re looking for a way to spice up your sweet potatoes, this might be the recipe for you.

Simple to Make−Charred Sweet Potatoes with Hot Honey Butter and Lime

Get the recipe from: Bon Appetit

I’m the only one in my family who likes sweet potatoes, so I’m the only one who tried this dish.

Honestly, on first bite, I wasn’t convinced I liked it. I could definitely taste the hot sauce, honey, and coriander, but something was definitely off. It seemed like there was something missing.

And there was!

I had forgotten to add the squeeze of lime.

Wow! What a difference the lime made.

The acid plays the foil to the hot honey butter and the coriander pumpkin seed oil.

Once I actually followed the directions and added all the ingredients, this side dish became one to remember.

Eight things to know about the Charred Sweet Potatoes with Hot Honey Butter and Lime Recipe:

  • This is a pantry pull recipe for me (other than the pumpkin seeds). I usually have a sweet potato or two sitting around and the other ingredients are always in my kitchen, so this was simple to pull together.
Oil the halved sweet potatoes and season with salt before popping in the oven
  • This recipe offers a simple preparation for Thanksgiving or other large event. You can make the hot honey butter up to a week ahead and then you’re just roasting the sweet potatoes and quickly toasting the pumpkin seeds.
  • I put parchment paper on my baking sheet and I regret it. I thought I was making cleanup easier, but what I really did was lessen the char on the sweet potatoes. Mine still charred a bit, but not as much as they should have. I think the flavor profile of the dish would be even more elevated if I had just follow the directions and placed the sweet potatoes directly on the baking sheet. I would have gotten more char. And where there’s more char, there’s more flavor!
  • My softened butter, hot sauce, and honey didn’t fully come together. Next time I will try melting the butter, adding the hot sauce and honey, and then chilling the mixture to firm it up. Hopefully by having the butter a more similar consistency as the hot sauce and honey will allow for a more complete mix.
Try melting the butter then adding the hot sauce and honey. Chill the mixture to firm.
  • I used Louisiana hot sauce, but you can use whatever you prefer. We all have different tastes when it comes to hot sauce. Some like Tabasco. Some like Cholula. We usually pull out the Louisiana hot sauce. Use what you like.
  • Increase or decrease the heat by reducing or adding more hot sauce. The heat level really is up to you. Not a fan or super hot food? Go easy on the hot sauce. Just don’t eliminate it. You need it to play off the butter and honey. And, as always, if you want more heat, just up the amount of hot sauce.
  • You absolutely need the pumpkin seeds for texture and flavor. The silky softness of these roasted sweet potatoes scream for a crunch and the toasted pumpkin seeds are up to the task.
It’s a quick cook for the pumpkin seeds.
  • The lime is a must. The acid from the lime offsets the heat of the hot sauce and the sweet of the honey. Squeeze a little or squeeze a lot. Just don’t skip the lime!
Charred Sweet Potatoes with Hot Honey Butter