Thanks for dropping in. My name is Mary, although my kids and their friends call me Murry.

I’m like you. Busy working. Busy trying to keep up with my (now grown) kids. Busy trying to put dinner on the table every night. And busy trying to break free from the four meals we make over and over.

I don’t have a culinary background. I’m a writer who has spent most of her time in the telecom and cable industry. What I do have is a love of reading, writing and trying new recipes; a knack for recognizing a good recipe when I read it; and a fearlessness when it comes to trying these recipes on my family and friends.

Most of the time they thank me.

Very few of the recipes on this blog are mine. If they are mine, they are family recipes written down on index cards.

The majority of the recipes we highlight come courtesy of other bloggers or trusted culinary sources. We strive to recognize and amplify the great work these bloggers and recipe authors are doing.

Why Am I Doing This?

I created Your Mood Your Food as a place to share my culinary adventure with you. My goal is to test recipes and provide you with real-kitchen insights on what we found when we made the dish.

We let you know up front if the recipe is Simple to Make, Easy to Elevate, or Made to Impress.

If you’re tired, grab one of our Simple to Make options.

Feeling adventurous? Head over to our Easy to Elevate stockpile.

Looking for a challenge? Made to Impress recipes are right up your alley.

So, here’s the deal—I’ll try new recipes and write about them in this blog and I hope you’ll find time to read my take on each recipe. Which, hopefully, encourages you to try some new recipes.

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